In order to become a member of Ruggles Baptist Church, you are expected to demonstrate a commitment in two areas: to Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord, and to the Ruggles Church community. In order to obtain evidence of these commitments, the following procedures are in place so that the church may provide the opportunity for you to become a recognized member of Ruggles Baptist Church:

  1. A six-month period of participation in the church community is necessary before you can consider becoming a member.

  2. Prospective members must be sponsored by another member of the church who, if necessary, will help you with the membership process. A statement called, “Intent of Membership in Ruggles Baptist Church,” must be signed by both the prospective and sponsoring member expressing a desire to be a member, and to sponsor a member, respectively.

  3. Completion of a membership information form, a spiritual gift evaluation and a ministry evaluation are required for membership. This material will be provided to you after your signed, “Intent of Membership in Ruggles Baptist Church,” is received in the church office.

  4. Applicants must sign statements of faith, which are the Apostles’ Creed and the Nicene Creed.

  5. Applicants must sign the Church Covenant of 1878 and agree to strive to fulfill its intent upon your life. (The Church Covenant is found under “about us” on the home page and then click on “Our Beliefs.”)

  6. In order that we may know more about your commitment to Christ, you will meet with a gathering of leaders for the purpose of telling your story of salvation and growth in Christ.

  7. Believers baptism by immersion is necessary for membership. However, baptism as an infant/child is accepted, if the applicant deems this baptism a sign of the New Covenant, and important toward coming to a conscious faith in Christ. It is hoped that evidence of the significance of infant/child baptism was demonstrated by participation in a covenant community (church) through childhood, along with participation in a meaningful confirmation by that community. Baptism by immersion in another church is accepted, if you have a testimony of salvation at the time of baptism.

  8. Prospective members are approved for membership by the Church Council, and by the affirmation of the church community at an official community meeting.

  9. New members are welcomed into the membership of the church community in the next worship service, and presented with a certificate of membership.

Note: The information that is needed to begin membership is provided by contacting the church office (617-266-3633;