Blessed Are You Who Fear the Lord (Psalm 128)

You probably will not be talking soon with your colleagues at work or your fellow classmates about being blessed by fearing the Lord. But the topic of Psalm 128 does present us with the opportunity to look more deeply and at our walk with the Lord. What does it mean to 'be blessed?' And of course how do you fear the Lord who loves you deeply and desires your presence?

Redeeming the Daily Grind (Psalm 127)

Work is a significant part of all of our lives, whether you work in an office, a classroom, a lab, or at home. Does God have anything to say about these many hours we spend working? Yes! Psalm 127 shows us two ways to approach our work: one that produces frustration, stress and anxiety; and one that produces joy and contentment. Let's look at how we can work according to God's design.

What Brings You Joy (Psalm 126)

We're on week 7 of our Psalms of Ascent series, and Psalm 126 is all about joy. How can we maintain our joy amidst the ups and downs of life? We also recognize that this has also been a difficult week in our nation, with the killings of Alton Sterling, Philando Castile, and five Dallas police officers. We hope this sermon will be an encouragement to you if you feel afraid or discouraged, as well as a time to pray together for justice and unity in our country.


The Unshakables (Psalm 125)

How often have you asked yourself, "Is there anything solid I can base my life upon?" There is enough uncertainty in this life to seriously threaten our sense of security. Just when you were about to give up, along comes Psalm 125 to remind us that if we've put our trust in Jesus, we have the permanence and immovability of a mountain. We're "The Unshakables!"

The Lord Is for You/He Is Our Help (Psalm 124)

It may be a challenge to believe that the Lord is on your side, that he is for you. That is the assumption in Psalm 124. It starts, “If the Lord had not been on our side.” He was and is. The Psalm ends with these words, “Our help is in the name of the Lord.” In between these first and last verses are expressions of difficult experiences we are confronted with in our lives. The challenge: in the midst of life’s challenges to believe and experience that the Lord on your side and he is your help no matter what.

Worship that Works (Psalm 122)

If we're honest, we all have Sundays when we would rather sleep in than worship with the church. We've all been tired, or stressed, or busy, or just didn't feel like it. The psalmist in Psalm 122, however, doesn't seem to have that problem: "I rejoiced with those who said to me, 'Let us go to the house of the Lord.'" This Sunday, we'll examine how we can have the same joyful approach to worshiping the Lord with his people each week. Don't miss it-- it'll be worth rolling out of bed for!

Help on the Way (Psalm 121)

Where do you turn for help? Psalm 121, known as "The Traveller's Psalm," recognizes that things can get difficult on our journey through this life. The psalmist encourages us to turn to the Lord as our ultimate source for help and assures us that the "Maker of heaven and earth" is watching over our every move "both now and forevermore."

I Need a Break from Life in Boston (Psalm 120)

Today we begin a new sermon series entitled "An Ancient Playlist for a Timeless Journey." Psalms 120-134 are collectively known as the Psalms of Ascent. Jewish families would often sing these Psalms as they ascended the hill to Jerusalem to worship there. 

So it’s Memorial Day weekend when we honor those who gave themselves to preserve our freedom. In New England we also recognize it as the start of the summer season. You need a break from an intense year. This series is about our journey, leaving our everyday lives for a higher place. It’s like a church going off on retreat for the purpose of regaining a more godly perspective. It’s for reviving your relationship with God and enjoying his presence. Psalm 120 starts at the low place, the first steps getting us ready for the journey. Likely you need a break from an intense year in Boston. Here we go...

Serving Our City (Jeremiah 29:1-14)

Why did the Lord bring you to Boston? Maybe you came here for school or for work or because your family is here. Yet God's word is clear that he didn't bring us here just to take from the city but also to contribute to it. This morning, we'll look at God's heart for Boston and how we should play a role in doing justice for the vulnerable here.

Discipling: Helping Someone Follow Jesus (Matthew 28:16-20)

Have you ever been discipled? Has someone ever intentionally invested time and effort for your personal, spiritual good? Jesus says in his Great Commission that being one of his disciples means making other disciples. In other words, disciples disciple. Followers of Jesus help other people follow Jesus. And this should be happening in the church! Today’s sermon is all about what discipling looks like, and how we can start to build a culture of discipling in our church community.

Do This In Remembrance of Me (Matthew 26:17-30)

The spiritual meaning in the sacraments of baptism and communion is significant. But consider the lighter side. We celebrate significant events in our lives like birthdays and anniversaries. What more significant event is there than your spiritual birth and living it out? Baptism is a public celebration of the time of your spiritual birth, and communion is remembering the significance of that birth day throughout your life.

Baptism: Something in the Water (Romans 6:1-4)

Did you know that Jesus commands every single one of his followers to be dunked in water? What's up with that? Today we're continuing our series on the local church by looking at water baptism. What's the point of this dunking? And does it matter who does the dunking or where the dunking takes place? If you were baptized years ago, does your baptism still matter in any real way? We'll try to answer all of these questions and more from Romans 6:1-4.