The Poison of Prejudice (James 2:1-13)

When someone walks through the door, it's human nature for us to size them up, to make assumptions. Are they rich or poor? Attractive or unattractive? Educated or uneducated? These assumptions lead to judgments and judgments lead to actions. In this week's text, James is warning us about this seriously sinful tendency we all have to show favoritism. In fact, he says, it contradicts the very gospel we claim to believe.

Tested Faith (James 1:1-8)


We begin our summer sermon series this week in the book of James. Instead of complex theological discourse, this letter is full of practical wisdom--nearly every other verse is a command. So what is James' purpose? To show us that true faith in Christ works itself out practically in every area of our lives. James dives right into his letter from the start, addressing faith that works in trials.