Rest Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself (Psalm 127:1-2)

Do you take a day off from working? Is your day off filled with chores and errands? How are you sleeping? As we continue our series on battling Crazy Busyness, this Sunday we're going to examine why rest is so crucial for each of us, and how God has designed us to rest as a fundamental act of trust in him.

Mission Drift (Mark 1:32-39)

Last week, we saw that busyness is serious business. Busyness is dangerous because it can choke out the power of the gospel in our hearts. So how do we avoid being Crazy Busy? We're going to examine how, in the midst of a crazy busy day, Jesus stayed on the mission that God gave him. And we'll see how we can battle crazy busyness and keep on God's mission for our own lives.

Serious Busyness (Mark 4:1-20)

Is it hard to remember the last time you had five minutes to just sit and reflect?
At the end of the day, are you exhausted, but still wish you could have accomplished more?
Why are our lives always so Crazy Busy? In this sermon, we're going to explore the cause of this busyness and argue that busyness isn't just an's dangerous!