An Illustrated Story of the Gospel (Romans 3:24)

This Easter Sunday we are taking a break from the series, “The Roots of Our Redemption” to dwell on our redemption. The Scripture for Sunday is one short verse, Romans 3:24.
“All are justified freely by his grace through the redemption that came by Christ Jesus.”

Through a series of illustrations we hope to present the story of the Gospel this Resurrection Sunday. On Good Friday it looked like Jesus was defeated on the cross. What looked like defeat on Friday was actually an epic victory over evil confirmed by the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ! He is alive!

The Resurrection: Confirmed -- Debt Paid in Full (John 19:28-30; 20:1-10)

We have this sense that if we do a little good, it will make up for whatever bad we have done. It’s kind of like credit card debt: if I make the minimum payment the balance will go away, eventually. But if the debt is huge and increasing, there is no way it will be paid off in a lifetime. Spiritual indebtedness is the same – there is no way you can pay off your debt to God in your lifetime. You discover that doing business God’s way results in a tremendous saving (pun intended).