Prayer: With Any Sincere Request You Get the Holy Spirit (Luke 11:1-13)

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The disciples have asked Jesus to teach them to pray. In the center of Luke 11:1-13 is the Parable of the Midnight Request. The moral of the story? If a grouchy father will stubbornly get up at midnight and give his neighbor who without shame requests bread for his guest, then imagine what our heavenly Father will do for his children who come to him in need.

Where Is Your Treasure? (Luke 12:13-34)

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This Sunday, we're continuing our 3-week series on parables of JesusPaul Leslie will be with us to preach God's word on the Parable of the Rich Fool. Paul and his family are members at Tremont Temple Baptist Church and he has served churches in Cambridge and Arlington. He'll share with us about how to overcome worry in our lives, especially related to our finances.

The Practice of Prayer: Thanksgiving (Luke 17:11-19)


This Sunday we continue our series on prayer by focusing on thanks. In some ways, saying "thank you" is a simple and easy thing to do, to others and to the Lord. But Luke shows us in this passage that true thankfulness is actually something that is quite rare...and immensely powerful. Join us as we explore how (perhaps surprisingly) vital it is to regularly and sincerely give thanks to the Lord in prayer.